Alfred Russel Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace, poster & app competition

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Celebrating his life and scientific legacy

Alfred Russel WallaceSwansea University's College of Science and Technocamps are celebrating the life of Alfred Russel Wallace by running a poster and app competition.

Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) was a naturalist and explorer, best known for co-discovering the process of evolution by natural selection with Charles Darwin, and for his contribution to biogeography (detailed information at

The competition is open to schools and colleges, years 7-13 and the task is to design a PDF poster about this great Welsh naturalist, for example, depict his life as a scientist or illustrate his collection.  The deadline for submission of the posters is 30.11.2013 and you can send them to

You may also want to have the chance to attend an App Inventor workshop during October half term, where you will get the chance to put your computing skills to the test to try and create a smartphone quiz about A.R.Wallace.

App inventor is a web based software that allows you to develop applications for android devices. The workshop will be covering basic skills that can be applied to an entrant’s application. During the workshop the participants will learn about app design techniques, followed by key development skills using the App Inventor “drag and drop” approach to programming on the Blocks Editor - similar to the software Scratch.

The workshop will run from 10am - 2pm and will be repeated on Monday-Friday throughout the October half-term (Oct 28th-Nov 1st). Following the workshop, the applicants will be able to apply their recently acquired knowledge on app development and the skills involved to build their competition entry. 

Numbers will be limited to 30 pupils per day for each workshop, book now to avoid disappointment.