Boost for Digital Literacy and Computer Science in Wales

£3million boost for Digital Literacy and Computer Science in Wales

Over 150 teachers from across Wales gathered at a conference at Swansea University last week (June 22nd) when Leighton Andrews AM, Minister for Education and Skills announced a £3million investment over the next three years to support a range of measures to improve computer science, digital literacy and ICT in schools and colleges across Wales.

In his speech, the Minister said that ‘Computing was a high priority for growth in Wales.  The future supply and demand for science, technology and mathematics is essential if Wales is to compete in the global economy. 

It is therefore vitally important that every child in Wales has the opportunity to study computer science between the ages of 11-16.’

He added, ‘It is essential that we provide our learners with plenty of opportunities to engage with emerging technologies to ensure that they are well placed to take advantage of new jobs.’

The Minister highlighted the good work already being done across Wales in this key STEM discipline and stressed the importance of the provision for continuing professional development for teachers. 

He said, ‘The Welsh Government will work closely with delivery partners such as Computing at School and Technocamps to ensure that this CPD programme is well coordinated and has a significant impact on learner outcomes on digital literacy, ICT and computer science.’

The second annual conference, which was hosted by Computing at School (CAS) Wales and Technocamps, provided a platform for teachers, educators, examination boards, academics and policymakers to discuss the important issues surrounding computer science education in Wales.

Professor Faron Moller, Director of Technocamps, said, ‘This funding provides Wales with a great opportunity to leap ahead of other parts of the UK in its challenge to meet the demands of the digital economy.  Technocamps is already at the core of education provision in this field and will continue to lead the way in engaging schools and colleges across Wales in computer science.

‘Rather than users of technology, we want the young people we work with to imagine themselves as the creators of the next Facebook or next generation smartphone, or better yet something unimaginable that is going to change the world.

‘Teachers and educators will play a key part in making this happen and this is why we are gearing ourselves up to deliver a programme with CAS that will ensure that they are well equipped to create the new generation of technologists.’

The conference featured other keynote speakers, including Professor Simon Peyton Jones, Microsoft Research Cambridge and Chair of CAS and Maggie Philbin, Broadcaster and CEO of TeenTech.

The day also provided practical workshop sessions for teachers in a range of computer science topics, including Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Problem Solving, Interactive Fiction, Microsoft Kodu, Greenfoot and Computational Modelling.  It also held breakout sessions for discussing wider policy and curriculum issues.

Dr Tom Crick, Chair of CAS Wales, and Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Cardiff Metropolitan University, added:

‘This is a clear declaration by the Welsh Government of the importance of computer science education. Through this investment in teachers and infrastructure, alongside proposed changes to the curriculum and qualifications, Wales will be well placed to enthuse, engage and develop the next generation of innovators and technologists. This reinforces the wider importance of STEM education, as highlighted in the recently published Science for Wales strategy, as a key enabler for economic renewal through science and innovation.

CAS are looking forward to working with Technocamps and other key partners to drive forward the computer science agenda and support teachers and schools across Wales.’

Notes for Editors:

  • Technocamps - Led by Swansea University in partnership with the Universities of Bangor, Aberystwyth and Glamorgan, Technocamps is backed by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government and will focus on a range of topics including robotics, games and software development; as well as animation and digital forensics.
  • Technocamps will establish a pan Wales programme of activities and workshops designed to raise awareness amongst pupils (11-19) of potential career opportunities available in a range of computer science, technology and engineering disciplines and encourage them to study STEM with a view to pursuing such opportunities.  Visit: or for more information.

For further information, contact Siân Jones, Communications Manager, Technocamps:

Tel: 01792 606652


Technocamps Partner Universities

Thursday, March 3, 2016 - 17:00

Technocamps Teachers Conference 2016
Celebrate, Collaborate, Code

Thursday 3rd March 2016 

5pm - 10pm

Liberty Stadium, Swansea


Technocamps is hosting its Annual Teachers Conference on Thursday 3rd March 2016 at the Liberty Stadium, Swansea.

Following the success of previous years conferences, we once again would like to invite all educators from across Wales who are passionate about inspiring their students to develop their computing skills to join us to: celebrate the work of the Technocamps Learning in Digital Wales project over the last 18 months, to collaborate with fellow educators, and discuss the future of teaching and promotions of computer science across Wales!

Computer science and coding continues to be centre focus of curriculum development across Wales particularly following the 'Successful Futures' review by Professor Graham Donaldson. Following the recommendations to develop a 'digital competence framework' we look to discuss the benefits and changes ahead. The evening will consist of a 3-course dinner with a range of speakers spanning the education sector in Wales to discuss their experiences (and difficulties) of teaching coding as well as information about the future of the Technocamps programme.

5:00-6:00pm            Registration, Drinks Reception and Networking

6:00-6:10pm            Professor Faron Moller, Director of Technocamps

6:10-6:15pm            Speaker TBC, Swansea University

6:15-6:30pm            Chris Owen, Head of Digital Learning Unit, Welsh Government

6.30-6.45pm            Cedric Burden, Deputy Headteacher at Dyffryn School, Port Talbot

6:45-7:00pm            Sarah Thomas, Assistant Headteacher at Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn, Newcastle Emlyn

7:00-7:15pm            Speaker TBC, Welsh Primary School

7:15-8:45pm            Dinner

8:45-9:00pm            Stewart Powell, Technocamps Programme Coordinator

9:00-9:15pm            Professor Faron Moller, Director of Technocamps

9:15-9:45pm            Panel discussion

9:45pm                    Close & Networking                       



Cynhadledd Athrawon Technocamps 2016
Dathlu, Cydweithio, Codio

Dydd Iau 3 Mawrth 2016 

5pm - 10pm

Stadiwm Liberty, Abertawe


Bydd Technocamps yn cynnal ei Gynhadledd Athrawon Flynyddol ddydd Iau 3 Mawrth 2016 yn Stadiwm Liberty, Abertawe.

Yn dilyn cynadleddau llwyddiannus y blynyddoedd blaenorol, rydym unwaith eto am wahodd pob addysgwr yng Nghymru sy'n angerddol ynghylch ysbrydoli ei fyfyrwyr i ddatblygu'u sgiliau cyfrifiadurol, i ymuno â ni er mwyn dathlu gwaith Technocamps dros y 18 mis diwethaf o ran prosiect Dysgu yn y Gymru Ddigidol, cydweithio â chyd-addysgwyr, a thrafod dyfodol y modd y caiff cyfrifiadureg ei haddysgu a'i hyrwyddo ar hyd a lled Cymru!

Mae cyfrifiadureg a chodio yn parhau i hawlio'r sylw canolog o ran datblygiad y cwricwlwm ledled Cymru, yn enwedig yn dilyn yr adolygiad 'Dyfodol Llwyddiannus' a luniwyd gan yr Athro Graham Donaldson. Yn dilyn argymhellion i ddatblygu 'fframwaith cymhwysedd digidol', byddwn yn trafod y manteision a'r newidiadau sydd o'n blaenau. Bydd y noson yn cynnwys cinio 3 chwrs gydag amrywiaeth o siaradwyr o bob rhan o'r sector addysg yng Nghymru, a byddant yn trafod eu profiadau (a'u hanawsterau) wrth addysgu codio. Byddir hefyd yn rhoi gwybodaeth am ddyfodol y rhaglen Technocamps.

5:00-6:00pm            Cofrestru, Derbyniad Diodydd a Rhwydweithio

6:00-6:10pm            Yr Athro Faron Moller, Cyfarwyddwr Technocamps

6:10-6:15pm            Siaradwr i'w gadarnhau, Prifysgol Abertawe

6:15-6:30pm            Chris Owen, Pennaeth yr Uned Dysgu Digidol, Llywodraeth Cymru

6.30-6.45pm            Cedric Burden, Dirprwy Bennaeth Ysgol Dyffryn, Port Talbot

6:45-7:00pm            Sarah Thomas, Pennaeth Cynorthwyol Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn, Castellnewydd Emlyn

7:00-7:15pm            Siaradwr i'w gadarnhau, Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg

7:15-8:45pm            Cinio

8:45-9:00pm            Stewart Powell, Cydlynydd y Rhaglen, Technocamps

9:00-9:15pm            Yr Athro Faron Moller, Cyfarwyddwr Technocamps

9:15-9:45pm            Trafodaeth gan y Panel

9:45pm                    Cloi a Rhwydweithio