Case study: Bryn Bennett

Megan ChickCase Study

Bryn has been a teacher at Bassaleg School for over 15 years and has led the Computer Science team for 5 years. Over 100 pupils take up Computer Science at GCSE level each year.

Bryn believes his connection with Technocamps has been vital to the continuation of the subject in school and often links up with the team for training and CPD opportunities. He is also keen to recognise the challenges: the school has a good uptake at GCSE, it is a very different story at A Level.  Bryn puts this down to the perceived ‘difficulty’ of the course, and the outcome of a mixture of low results, overly challenging content, and over-demanding assessment practices.

The whole of Year 8 at Basseleg School undertook our STEM Enrichment programme over the course of a week. We delivered over 100 hours of workshops to over 200 pupils in the year group. The school has reported a significant improvement in the pupils’ willingness to engage with STEM ever since.

Bryn has also been instrumental in helping the team to pilot some new initiatives. In particular, our mentoring programme where Student Ambassadors and Delivery Officers are linked up with pupils from a particular school to help support GCSE and A Level studies.

As part of the pilot, Technocamps Delivery Officers have been coming into my A Level Computer Science lessons. They have opened up a dialogue with the pupils so that they have another person to turn to for help both inside and outside the classroom.”