Check you meet the minimum requirements

To be eligible for an award, schools & colleges must offer at least 1 ‘Computing’ qualification to students at all key stages they teach. Schools must also provide at least 2 lessons or 120 minutes of ‘Computing’ for all key stage 3 students within curriculum time, each fortnight.


Express your interest

Email - the team can answer any questions before giving you a copy of the application form and advice on how to complete it!


Complete & submit an application

The team will let you know the next submission deadline and give you as much support as you need to complete your application. 


There are 5 main requirement themes for which the school or college must submit evidence: 

  1. Strategic support & whole-school approach
  2. Cyber Security posture of the organisation
  3. Computing & Cyber in the curriculum
  4. Computing & Cyber enrichment opportunities
  5. Teacher expertise & CPD

The application must also clearly demonstrate an understanding of the difference between “Computing & Cyber” education and generic “digital” education, as the award supports schools & colleges to reach beyond the “digital” components of the current curriculum, and develop students who can understand, create and secure technology, not just use it!

It is also important that the application is completed collaboratively, with input from all relevant school or college staff, and not just the Computing department, so we may suggest a meeting with an SLT member, if that is a barrier to applying.

To find out more detailed information about the application requirements and how to apply, please email the team at