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Case Study: Ben Dodd

Published on 11 September 2020

When Ben Dodd decided to join some friends at a lunchtime Robotics Club while in Secondary School, little did he know that it would be the start of his journey into a career in Computer Science. Ben went on to participate in the First Lego League, representing the school in both the national and International competitions.

“Meeting teams from across the country was by far something I did not expect to find so exciting. It was amazing discussing other teams’ projects and how they developed them. It never felt like a competition, everyone was there to have fun!”

The competition led to more activity and he was soon hooked, participating in workshops as part of his school curriculum. He developed a passion for programming and robotics that he was able to hand down to younger members of the school. Not only did he pass on the competition baton, he was also able to train and mentor younger pupils, offering support and guidance to help continue the legacy that he helped to create. His school continues to compete, and its teams regularly make it through to the national finals.

Ben has pursued his passion for computer science and is currently enrolled on a degree course at Swansea University. He is really keen to ‘give back’ and inspire young people like himself with little or no understanding of how to turn an interest in computers and robotics into a possible career. He has continued working with the Technocamps team as a Senior Ambassador, helping out at workshops, code clubs, and supporting the Project at promotional events and activities.

He also realises that his degree in Computer Science has the potential to open many doors for him in the future and there are many different career paths that he could take. As a budding entrepreneur (as well as a computer scientist!), he is keen to start his own company based on AI and data visualisation.

Whatever the future holds, we wish him well. And … who knows…? Technocamps might just have inspired the next tech multi-millionaire!

“Programming and robotics were extremely daunting to me at first. I thought I had to wait until University to start learning – Technocamps changed that for me. It was a great introduction to Computer Science and it helped me improve my programming skills as I progressed through school.” -Ben Dodd

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By participating in this program, a Teacher will gain Technocamps recognition as a ‘Technocamps Certified Teacher’, or a School can achieve ‘Technocamps Certified School’ status at the level of Bronze, Silver, or Gold.

Robert is a Cardiff University graduate whose career in computer science was inspired by a week-long Technocamps workshop he undertook while in school.

We have opened up the portal we developed for the Summer programme and the resources we developed as a team are available for you to use and share.

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