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Arduino is a small circuit board which allows you to make a computer that can sense and control the physical environment. You can learn about electronics by building your own circuits, and you can program your Arduino to become anything, from a mobile phone to a Geiger counter!

Technocamps have developed a wearable computing workshop, where pupils can use an Arduino device to make an item of fabric or clothing which does something – for example a hat which beeps when it detects gas! 

There are also resources here to help you get started with our Swansea University Computer Science Open Day Arduino Kit! 


Arduino Challenge Sheets

A set of challenge sheets to accompany our Swansea University Computer Science Open Day Arduino sets.

S4A - Scratch for Arduino

S4A stands for Scratch for Arduino, the software which can be downloaded onto either Mac, Linux or Windows looks similar to “Scratch” but there are some additional blocks on this enabling you to interact with your Arduino.

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Are you interested in arranging a Technocamps workshop for your school or college? We offer a range of computational thinking based workshops to support students and staff through KS2 to KS5. Get in touch to find out more.

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