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Teachers Conference

These resources were presented at the Technocamps "Curriculum for Success" Teachers Conference held at the Liberty Stadium on October 17th. Both primary and secondary resources are available here.


Codes of War

An introduction to the study of codes and ciphers. This investigates a wide range of cryptographic techniques starting from ancient history to the modern era. By understanding and implementing these techniques, students will strengthen their logical thinking skills and teachers can utilise the knowledge gained in this session to incorporate cryptography into other subject areas including mathematics, geography chemistry and history.

Machine Learning in the Classroom

This workshop explains the concept of Machine Learning and how a computer can be trained to complete tasks in much the same way as a human would. A Machine Learning algorithm is used to develop Scratch programs which can be used to differentiate different subsets including personality adjectives and shapes. The workshop will include step-by-step instructions on how this can be applied within the classroom as a tool for cross-curricular learning.


This workshop investigates how computing can be used as an aid to reinforce a range of different mathematical concepts and presentation of mathematical data. Participants will use Python libraries to develop strategies for teaching algebra and graphical representations. It will include step-by-step instructions on how coding using Python can be applied within the classroom as a tool for cross-curricular learning.

Technology, Ethics and The Future

This workshop encourages participants to consider and question the ethical issues surrounding the ever-changing technology that is all around them. Participants will be given thought provoking situations from which they can discuss their views and opinions, and by the end of the workshop will be confident in explaining the benefits and drawbacks of past, current and future technological developments. They will also have hands-on experience of developing their own smart light circuit using Arduinos.

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