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Tower of Hanoi Activity Pack

Build your own Tower of Hanoi puzzle game in Scratch!

Tower of Hanoi Activity Pack

Tower of Hanoi #1 - Introduction

This video guides you through the setup stages of making your own Tower of Hanoi puzzle.

If you're using a mobile device, please open the Worksheet PDF below to view the full worksheet.
Tower of Hanoi #2 - Bottom Tile

Follow along as we program the first tile in the tower!

Tower of Hanoi #3 - Middle Tile

In this video we set about programming the middle tile.

Tower of Hanoi #4 - Top Tile

Now it's time to cap our tower with the final piece of the puzzle (literally).

Tower of Hanoi #5 - Finishing Touches

Just a little bit of polish to our programs and our Tower of Hanoi puzzle game is ready to go!

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