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Virtual TechnoClub Series #2

Join us for the second Season of Virtual TechnoClub!

Virtual TechnoClub Series #2

27th August - Remix your Voice

Every wanted to sound like a robot? This session shows you how using editor.p5js.org.

10th September - How to build a Telegraph

Learn how to build a device for sending and displaying messages with Micro:Bits.

For this we will use makecode.microbit.org.

You can copy and paste the Arrays from the Technocamps GitHub.

17th September - Ornate Orbits and Gorgeous Gravity

In this session we learn how to fake orbital mechanics using arcade.makecode.com.

24th September - Chattering Chatbots

In this session we learn about the secrets behind Siri and Alexa using play.rivescript.com.

1st October - Trains, Tracks & Level Editors

In this session we create a lovely little train simulator with included level editor using arcade.makecode.com.

8th October - Computational Virology

Let's launch a virus! Today I set a (very weak) virus loose on my PC and then we set about modelling its spread in arcade.makecode.com.

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