GiST: An Hour in the Life of a Woman in STEM


Ever wondered what it would be like to make electricity from the sun, work for NASA or research Astrobiology?

We’ve got a series of inspiring women in STEM who want to talk to you about their jobs and how they got them! Each speaker will discuss their career, take you on a tour of their workplace and answer any questions you have about their jobs. Who knows, you could be working with them in the future…

So far, we have heard from an Astrobiologist, a former NASA Space Shuttle Engineer and the head of a tech company that words on achieving gender equality in the industry. Here is what’s to come…

The sessions run from for an hour and are suitable for pupils aged 11-16, with the aim of encouraging schoolchildren to consider STEM careers. Webinars are free thanks to funding support from the Welsh Government. Register your class today.

International Women’s Day Special: Nicole Ponsford (Co-Founder, The Global Equality Collective) & Abigail Tattersfield (STEM Ambassador and Forensic Scientist)
11.10am-12.10pm, March 8th

Nicole Ponsford:

Nicole is co-founder of the GEC and a Digital Education Specialist. She is a Fellow of the RSA due to her work in gender equality. An award-winning Media, Film and New Technologies teacher of 18 years in education, Nicole is recognised as an edtech ‘expert’. She is a Teaching Award winner, one of the first national Advanced Skills Teachers (Media and New Technologies) and is listed in the #EdTech50 for her digital work on gender equality in the UK. She is also the Harvard author of TechnoTeaching: Taking Practice to The Next Level in a Digital World. 

She works as a freelance digital education specialist for a number of global organisations and charities. She is currently the Digital Education Project Lead for Achievement for All, a leading not-for-profit educational organisation improving outcomes for all children and young people – where she leads national eLearning research projects and the author of CPD for their national network of school coaches and educational settings from EYFS to post-16.

Abigail Tattersfield:

Abigail is a Forensic Biology graduate and International Security and Risk Management student with a keen interest in CBRNe counter-terrorism.

Alongside her studies, she is currently working for the NHS to provide diagnostic tests for SARS-CoV-2, she is a lecturer at the University of South Wales and a STEM ambassador with STEM Ambassadors UK.

Pre-pandemic, Abigail worked as a technical demonstrator on the spectroscopy in a suitcase scheme by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Sarah-Jane Potts – Technology Transfer Fellow, SPECIFIC, Swansea University
April 16th, 2-3pm

How can you power your home using only the sun? Sarah-Jane Potts is a Postdoctural Research Engineer at SPECIFIC in Swansea University.

She works on designing and making printed electronics, including printed heaters and printed solar cells. The aim of her work is to create solar-powered buildings by using the energy and heat from the sun, storing it, and using it to power household items and even cars. This is a much more environmentally-friendly way to live than using fossil fuels.

Lynsey McNeilly
May 24th, 2-3pm

June 28th, 2-3pm