We provide training and professional development for teachers to prepare them for the challenges of delivering in an increasingly technical and dynamic environment. From CPD opportunities to conferences and events, we have a range of useful resources to help you deliver the Computer Science and IT curriculum.

We try to keep ahead of the curriculum in schools. We work with teachers to integrate activities into areas of learning and schemes of work. We also work to upskill teachers to ensure they are fully equipped to inspire and motivate the next generation of computer scientists. We have already trained 100+ teachers across Wales, many of whom did not come from an ICT or Computing background.




A group of workshops focusing on algorithms utilising Python, Greenfoot, HTML, and assembly language... read more


The Cross Curricular Coding (C3) programme offers topics to get students engaging in Computer Science activities... read more


STEM Enrichment

For pupils from secondary schools who are struggling to deliver Computer Science at GCSE level... read more