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πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Lynsey McNeilly CEng MICE is a Marine Site Agent for @Farrans_UKI and she wants to tell you all about her job in STEM!

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How can Minecraft: Education Edition be used across the curriculum?

We have a series of webinars to support and inspire you. Find previous webinar recordings here: https://t.co/D9BWgLB3Kz

We also have more live events happening this week:

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Delighted to be working with the brilliant @Technocamps team once more and chairing this new group. This new group is going to be a really useful resource for CS, ICT, DCF and Digital Technology Educators in Wales. Our first meeting takes place this Thursday. #computerscience https://t.co/3WBBIZIduB

Great to be back in person today doing a Mars rover workshop with pupils at @CTWCSRhyl https://t.co/nrqIrLAnMo Technocamps photo

Da iawn Daniel πŸ‘ https://t.co/pWTIT25xEo
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Stanwell Computing @ICT_2xl
Adeilad gwych, congratulations Daniel Powell, for his winning entry into the β€œCraft Your City” where competitors used Minecraft to outline their visor for a plot of land in the civic centre in Cardiff. His entry can be seen here, 3rd video https://t.co/k53QVnLJsx @Technocamps https://t.co/DHVHew8nxe

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