Case Study: Chris Owen

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Chris Owen is the deputy head and Year 4 teacher at Deighton Primary School in Tredegar, South Wales.

As a school, they have utilised the expertise within Technocamps to support and enhance their Science and Technology curriculum alongside raising the profile for careers within STEM for learners across the school.

Technocamps has allowed the school to deliver Science and Technology sessions to a higher standard due to the flexibility and expertise of the representatives delivering, while upskilling all stakeholders involved.

Deighton Primary’s most recent session with Technocamps was a careers workshop in which a Technocamps delivery officer shared the roles and opportunities that would be available to Year 6 pupils when they had left full-time education. Feedback from the children was positive and a great deal of discussion was created from the vastness and ever-changing opportunities within STEM based roles, as well as the high salaries that could be made within such prospects.

Technocamps has provided support within the school’s computational thinking work; providing children with opportunities to experience, programme and utilise micro:bits. Chris’ younger learners within the foundation phase have been able to develop their coding skills through the use of Scratch Junior within a fun and exciting session.

The variety of activities and sessions that Technocamps can and have provided has supported the school’s adaptive and busy learning schedule. Technocamps has provided Chris with unplugged sessions – paper-based activities that do not require computers, – deciphering activities linked to their studies of World War, and Lego workshops used to further enhance the coding skills of older pupils within the school.

A highlight of work with the school was awarding Deighton Primary with the the gold award for the Lego challenge they completed with representative Vibushinie Bentotahewa. The pupils involved were delighted with the work they created and the credit they had for their efforts.

“Technocamps is a digital programme of support that my colleagues and I would always recommend to others in the teaching and learning profession. Always adaptable, supportive and highly competent; the representatives delivering always provide the best learning opportunities within a fun, safe and inclusive environment and as a school, hope to continue our relationship into the future. Thank you”