Digital Technology GCSE Support


Teaching of the new Digital Technology GCSE began in Wales in September 2021 with the first cohort of pupils across the country completing the qualification in 2023. Digital Technology is a broad-church digital-based qualification which provides learners with an insight into the use and understanding of technology as part of their social and professional lives.

During 2021-2022 we ran a PL programme designed to support secondary school teachers with the delivery of the Digital Technology GCSE in Wales. The course was entirely free thanks to funding support from the Welsh Government.

The PL course for secondary school teachers covered the following topics:
- Game Development
- Animation
- Web Development
- Analogue & Digital Data and Digital Devices
- The Internet
- Operating Systems
- Systems Development Cycle
- Cloud Services
- Cyber Security
- Changing Digital Technologies
- Digital Communication
- Asset Creation and Media Development
- Interrogating and Analysing Data
- Developing a Delivery Plan
- Teaching Digital Practices

Technocamps workshop