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CPD for Secondary School Teachers

Published on 11 November 2020

What is excellent teaching? What are the ingredients of an excellent lesson? What does an excellent lesson look like?

Three questions, each of which has no definitive correct answer. Answers vary depending on viewpoint, age group, educational setting and the subject being taught. Computer Science is an enigma of a subject whereby not only do educators have to try and demonstrate the answers to these questions in their everyday practice, but they also have to contend with a subject that is very much knowledge-driven and changes on a regular basis.

To help you achieve excellence in your pursuit of teaching Computer Science, we have developed a unique and innovative CPD program which looks at the features of an excellent lesson and how each feature can be applied to the current GCSE Computer Science specification. This program is therefore aimed at secondary school Computer Science educators who would like to further develop and enhance their subject pedagogy.

The program is split into six unique workshops. Each workshop focuses on a precise feature of what makes an outstanding lesson. The workshops available through this program are:

- Feedback 28th January

- Challenge 4th February

- Modelling 11th February

- Explanation 25th February

- Visible Progress 4th March

- Questioning 11th March

The program will be delivered by a leading Computer Science educator who has worked in a range of schools in the public and private education sectors. Each workshop will be delivered virtually and will take place between 5.30pm and 7pm. Attendance at each workshop isn’t compulsory, you may choose to attend all of the workshops or just the ones that meet your professional development needs. No prior preparation is required for these workshops aside from signing up in advance.


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