AR Binary

Joseph Mearman Activity Packs, Secondary Activities, Secondary Activity Packs, Secondary Level

Learn to count and add in binary with this amazing AR app! This activity pack explores what binary is, how the number system operates, and an introduction to Augmented Reality (AR). We will use the Technocamps AR Binary app made by Daniel Curry to put what you learn into practice. What you’ll need: – A modern phone – Internet access … Read More

Pixel Art

Joseph Mearman Activity Packs, Primary Activities, Primary Activity Packs, Primary Level

Learn all you need to create beautiful low-fi colourful artwork both on and off the computer. This activity pack introduces pixels, hex values and where pixels are used. There are 3 topics: Basic Pixel Art Hex Values Using Pixel Art online / 8 bit graphics What you’ll need: – Pens/pencils (at least 2 different colours) – Access to the internet