The Cross Curricular Coding (C3) programme offers a variety of topics to get students engaging in Computer Science activities across a range of subjects. The programme begins with Computational Thinking, then progresses to include programming through Scratch, Python and Greenfoot integrating Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology respectively. Wider topics are then available to choose from such as Cryptography; Technology Ethics and the Future; Machine Learning and more.


Programme Guide

This Programme Guide provides information about each of the workshops within this programme and how to get involved!

Computational Thinking

In this workshop, pupils will be looking at the concept of Computational Thinking and applying it to solve problems and simulate real-world sequences in Scratch.

Greenfoot Ecosystems

This workshop develops students’ knowledge of ecosystems, in particular, the food chain. Students then develop their knowledge on the Java-based Greenfoot environment by producing a game which is a simulation of an ecosystem.

Python - Mathematics

This workshop develops students’ knowledge of programming, focusing on Python. With the help of Turtle library, students will strengthen their understanding of geometry and learn how to program various shapes using the Python.

Scratch - Modelling Molecules

This workshop will develop pupils’ knowledge of atoms and molecules and their behaviour as well as using Scratch to model different states of matter and simple chemical reactions. Resources coming soon!


This workshop introduces students to cryptographic techniques used both in ancient history and during the modern era. By understanding and implementing these techniques, students will strengthen their logical thinking and mathematics skills.

Technology, Ethics & The Future

This workshop focuses on the evolution of technology, ethical issues surrounding technology and future developments. Students will build electronic circuits replicating smart lights and use LEGO Mindstorms to imitate autonomous vehicles whilst considering ethical concerns.

Machine Learning

This workshop develops students’ understanding of what Machine Learning is. Students develop their knowledge regarding appropriate and non- appropriate data when training a machine. Students will implement their own Machine Learning Scratch game. Resources coming soon!

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