Greenfoot Activity Pack

This is suitable for both KS3 and KS4. The activity pack breaks down the aspects of Greenfoot into four key areas: Setting up the World, Movement, Functionality and The Counter.

Greenfoot Activity Pack

#1 - Greenfoot Introduction

Follow along with this pack to learn how to perform some common programming tasks in Greenfoot. This first video is an introduction to what will be covered.

#2 - Greenfoot Startup

This video covers the startup you will need to set up your world and add a few actors into the world.

#3 - Greenfoot Movement

Follow along with this third video to learn how to get your actors to move. You will be shown two ways of moving. Random movement and user-controlled movement through the keyboard.

#4 - Greenfoot Functionality

This fourth video covers functionality tasks. These include how to make another actor disappear when it collides with another actor. This allows us to make collectables/things to eat. We also cover how to play a sound when an actor collides or touches another actor.

#5 - Greenfoot Counter

Within this video, the task of adding a counter is covered. The video will show you how to add a counter to your Greenfoot world, along with explaining how to make the counter count up when an event happens.

#6 - Greenfoot Debugging

This video covers debugging. If at any stage you get stuck or are struggling take a look at this video to check if it is part of the common errors explained here.

Challenge Task

Now try to complete the challenge task! Tweet us a video/picture to let us know how you've been getting along for the chance to earn some extra bonus points!! Don't forget to tag @Technocamps and use our hashtag #TechnocampsOnline


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