Case study: Fiona Humphreys

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Fiona is the Head of Business and an ICT teacher at Ysgol Bro Dinefwr, and she recently undertook our VTCT course. She follows two of her colleagues who have successfully completed the qualification. Fiona had been thrown into the deep end, having to teach Scratch with no prior knowledge, and learn how to think computationally. She also started a weekly code club at the school. She learnt a lot from the pupils and their passion for programming.

The Technocamps team regularly runs sessions to complement the work that already goes on at the school. Having sat in on one of the workshops, Fiona was keen to find out more.

The school has been incredibly supportive of its staff and has recognised the importance of ongoing professional development. The VTCT course requires a commitment (18 full days over the course of an academic year), but the school and its pupils are now reaping the rewards. 

Fiona and her colleagues have been able to take ideas and inspiration from the course and embed them into their lesson plans, revolutionising the way pupils learn about computer science. The course has created a highly skilled department ready and willing to embrace digital learning for the benefit of all learners at the school.

“I now feel that I have the skills and understanding to teach aspects of computer science confidently. I can solve problems quicker and more easily as the Technocamps course has equipped me with the knowledge and experience to provide more challenging and engaging lessons.”