Case Study: Kane Pirankar & Abena Amo

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Kane and Abena are undertaking their placement years with Technocamps at our Swansea hub. We chatted to them about their love for tech and where they see their careers going after graduating…

Tell us a little about yourselves.
Kane: I’m Kane, I grew up in London and moved to Swansea for university and I love F1! I studied Computer Science at GCSE and A level, I’m currently in the middle of my degree at Swansea university and I’m undertaking my placement year with Technocamps.
Abena: I study Computer Science at the University of East Anglia and I’m undergoing my placement at Technocamps as a Delivery Assistant in Technocamps’ Swansea Hub.

How did you first get involved with computers and what inspired you to take the paths you have taken?
Kane: I knew I loved computers from a young age. In primary school, ICT was always my favourite lesson even if it was just learning to touch type or write a Word document. From there, I always showed an interest in computers and tech and I went to as many IT-based clubs as I could. When those ran dry, I turned to the internet to carry on learning.
Abena: I realised that I wanted to enter the tech industry when I was playing a game that I thought needed better improvements to make it more enjoyable. On the journey, to figure out how I could do this myself, I soon discovered that there is a whole world of computers that I was yet to explore.

When did you first come across Technocamps? 
Kane: I heard about Technocamps in my first year of university when students were given the chance to apply to become ambassadors. However I never attended any workshops as nothing like Technocamps ever existed at my school back in England.
Abena: I have always had a passion for teaching and improving the education experience for students as I felt the need to allow students to love learning the same way I do. This is how I knew I needed to join Technocamps when I saw the job advert on my university’s career site. I knew that it was the perfect combination where I could combine my passion for teaching and education with my love for STEM and computer science.

What is your favourite part of working with Technocamps?
Kane: My favourite part of the job is delivering fun, interactive workshops to primary school pupils. They always get involved and really into the activities so they have fun and take a lot away from the few hours we spend with them.
Abena: The best part of the job is getting to interact with different pupils and getting to inspire them to see the cool side of STEM. I especially love being able to encourage girls and seeing them have a sincere interest in computer science.

What part of the job do you find most challenging?
Kane: The early mornings! But really the most challenging part of the job is getting students who just want to sit at the back and not do anything to engage with the material and see the workshop as a positive experience so they can benefit from it like the rest of the class.
Abena: The challenging part of the job is when we have some pupilswho are actively choosing not to engage with the workshop either due to disinterest or other reasons. But honestly, this rarely occurs and when it does I just focus on giving my best and an overall positive experience for the entire class as that is what I can control. 

How has Technocamps inspired you to get more involved with coding and programming?
Kane: Working with Technocamps has introduced me to a side of coding I hadn’t considered before. Instead of learning or applying skills I was put on the other side of the table and had to use the skills I already had to teach.
Abena: I think working with Technocamps has really ignited my passion for learning! In Technocamps, I’m always learning new things and the habit of learning has definitely inspired me to learn more technologies and to practice programming more.

What have you learnt since joining the team?
Kane: Working at Technocamps was my first experience in a professional job so I’ve learned a lot about how an organisation runs, but my main takeaway from this is learning how to teach technical concepts to students that lack knowledge in the area. Along with this, I have learned how to make effective teaching resources and how to plan and develop workshops.
Abena: Aside from the concepts that I’ve learnt as a result of delivering workshops, I have learnt many things from each of the members of the team. If I were to name all, this would be a long read so to name a few: from Luke, I’ve learnt the importance of challenging oneself. Seeing him on the Degree Apprenticeship and be the Operations Manager, all while being in a band is something that inspires me to push myself to accomplish my goals no matter how hard they may seem. From Rama, I’ve learnt the importance of self awareness and being vocal as these contribute to a fulfilling life. From Toby, I’ve been inspired to find more joy in the process of work, and from Kane, I’ve learned to be less in my head.

How will you use the skills and knowledge you have gained in the future?
Kane: After I finish my degree, I would like to work in Industry more. Specifically something using or developing cloud technologies. I believe the skills I have learnt at Technocamps to make technical skills more understandable to a less technical minded audience can apply to working with clients to better identify their issues and explain solutions that I create. 
Abena: In the future, I hope to get into the tech industry (specifically software engineering) but I can see myself transitioning to teaching (if there are any future roles available in Technocamps, I will definitely be there!). I know that the experiences (like delivering workshops and website maintenance), knowledge and skills I have attained in Technocamps will definitely be there to support me in my entire career journey and I am eternally grateful to Technocamps and the team for showing me what having an amazing work environment, job and team is like!