6 ways to get involved in Earth Day


Each year, on April 22, people around the world celebrate Earth Day to raise awareness about pollution and the effects of global heating, as well as share ideas about how to live more cleanly. Technology advancements have contributed to climate change but are also providing smart solutions to reduce our effect on the planet. Here are 6 ways you can get involved in Earth Day this year:

  1. Spend time in nature
    Put down your phone or tablet for a while and enjoy the great outdoors! Read in your garden, go for a walk or even help with the gardening.
  2. Eat a meat-free meal
    Have some fun in the kitchen and make a delicious plant-based meal. What about a bean chilli, a stir fry or some simple beans on toast?
  3. Get a reusable bottle
    Use your Technocamps metal bottle or any other reusable bottle for your daily water to reduce your single-use plastic consumption. Having a snazzy bottle also makes it easy to drink more water…
  4. Calculate your Carbon Footprint
    WWF’s fun carbon footprint calculator will show you what effect you’re having on the planet and you can easily reduce it
  5. Ride your bike
    Go for a bike ride around your neighbourhood or even cycle to school to enjoy the wonderful sun!
  6. Enjoy our Fuelling the Future activity pack
    Our free activity pack will help you learn how to simulate reactions behind the newer, greener fuels we’ll be using in the near future.