New Pytch Web App helps students to code

Paige JenningsNews

Pytch has just launched their brand new web app designed to help students in writing their own programs, with the aim to make Python coding accessible to learners of all levels by providing interactive tools and resources. Pytch uses the learners pre-existing knowledge of clock based programming languages like Scratch to give them a head start when programming more advanced, text-based  languages like Python. The latest version of the app is available online via the Pytch website, offering guided experiences, allowing users to navigate through the process of game development step by step.

Developed in collaboration with over 300 students and 30 educators, Pytch has been fine-tuned to meet the needs of both learners and educators. Classroom activities have been carefully developed, with feedback from users contributing to shaping the programme. The new features have been piloted with students from TU Dublin and have received very positive feedback.

Technocamps is collaborating with Pytch to introduce innovative coding experiences into classrooms all across Wales, to empower young learners to code more. 

Dr Lee Clift from Technocamps says “Having such a innovative bridging tool which can leverage our learners pre-existing knowledge is so impactful when teaching new skills, and Pytch does this perfectly.”