Scratch Across the CfW

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This activity pack contains video tutorials to help you develop your programming skills and understanding through Scratch activities linking to various areas of the curriculum. This activity pack aims to familiarise you with Scratch and teach you the principles of programming along the way: Water Cycle States of Matter Translation Quiz  

DigiTech Computer Scientists Posters

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We have designed some bilingual posters with information about well-known computer scientists for you to display in your classroom. These figures all appear in the curriculum and these posters contain useful information about their work. There are individual posters and a larger poster that contains biographies from all six scientists: James Gosling, Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, Tim Berners-Lee, Steve Jobs … Read More

micro:bit – Musical micro:bits

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This micro:bit workshop covers areas of the Science and Technology and the Expressive Arts Areas of Learning and Experience. Pupils will learn the basics of block-based programming and how to use conditional statements to make decisions in computer programs. The resource will also allow pupils to create their own musical compositions by making use of iteration and the micro:bit’s in-built … Read More