Little Man Computer Activity Pack

Abena Amo Activity Packs, Secondary Activities, Secondary Activity Packs, Secondary Level

Learn all about Assembly Language and how to write programs using the Little Man Computer Simulator! Little Man Computer (LMC) is a simulator that mimics von Neumann architecture. This pack is worth 20 points plus what you earn in the quiz. What you’ll need: – Computer access – Access to Select tutorial from down below: hi IntroductionStoring and LoadingAddition … Read More

CS101: Algorithms I

Joseph Mearman CS101, Resources for Secondary Teachers, Secondary Level

This workshop develops students’ ability to decompose complex processes through the use of flowcharts and step-by-step instructions. These skills are then applied to solve a Numeracy GCSE-style question and examples of commonly used algorithms are explored.

The White Feather

Megan Chick Primary Level, Resources for Primary Teachers

Accompanies the Theatr na nÓg production. Learn all about World War I and try out different methods for writing and breaking coded messages, and use these skills to defuse a virtual bomb. The accompanying Scratch Programs can be found here: Workshop Version: Home Version:

Blockly Activity Pack

Megan Chick Activity Packs, Primary Activities, Primary Activity Packs, Primary Level

Get to grips with Blockly – a block-based programming language from Google. Blockly is a block-based visual programming language developed by Google. This pack gives you an introduction to the challenges Google has made for learning Blockly. What you’ll need: – Access to the Blockly website: