Our free Technoteach course involves a year of study and hands-on workshops delivered by dedicated members of our team. Participants are awarded a recognised teaching qualification, an enhanced CPD profile, and the knowledge and skills to allow them to perform better in the classroom.

The course is designed to bridge a ‘knowledge gap’ in teachers’ understanding of coding and computer science with modules specifically chosen to fit the needs of the curriculum as it is delivered in schools. The course provides teachers with both the skills and confidence to teach computer science-based lessons, as well as knowledge of programming and the digital learning opportunities it provides. Each teacher is supported by one of our experienced delivery officers throughout.

As part of the course, participants produce resources to use in their own classrooms, which is particularly important in the light of the new Curriculum for Wales where digital literacy and computer science underpins all aspects of the Science and Technology Area of Learning and Experience.

If you are interested in our free Technoteach course, email us on