DVLA Coding Challenge – Imagine it, Code it, Build it, Win it!

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DVLA is running a Wales National Coding Challenge for 7 to 11-year-olds sponsored and supported by Technocamps, in association with Code Club and the STEM Ambassador hub Wales, Incredible Oceans, Brake, The four Police Forces in Wales and School Beat, Road Safety Wales, The Fire and Rescue Service and the British Army. 

This competition is specifically aimed at Primary schools to encourage them to establish coding clubs, and the Technocamps Playground Computing programme is available to help create them by providing in-school Workshops. 

The challenge will enable interested pupils to develop their problem solving, communication and teamwork skills as well as improving their knowledge of computer programming in a fun and innovative way and also win thousands of pounds of IT equipment for their schools or Groups. 
1st Prize – £3000 of IT Equipment
2nd Prize – £2000 of IT Equipment
3rd Prize – £1000 of IT Equipment
2 Runner Up Prizes – £750 of IT Equipment each.

The challenge is to build a game using SCRATCH (a fun coding language) which is available to download free of charge from this site. The game should align with one of the four following themes:

Theme 1: Build a game that highlights the struggle that humpback whales are facing with pollution in our Oceans, in particular with the overuse of plastics which could lead to extinction.

Theme 2: Build a game that highlights the following – that being a nice person is better than being a bully, online or in the real world.

Theme 3: Build a game of how the world would look if there weren’t any cars on the road?

Theme 4: Build a game that highlights how young people can spot hazards and stay safe while cycling.

To learn more about the competition and how to enter please visit the DVLA Coding Competition Site.