Minecraft: Education Edition training course


Hwb have created a new course to take educators from launching Minecraft (even if it’s for the first time) through to developing their own lessons that will enrich various areas of learning and experience.

Why should I participate in Minecraft: Education Edition training?  
The Minecraft: Education Edition training course is based on an action research design, incorporating a reflective process as part of a ‘community of practice’. 

At the heart of the Curriculum for Wales is raising aspirations for students to be successful learners, who play an active part in their community and wider society, and who are prepared to thrive in an increasingly complex world.  

Minecraft: Education Edition helps prepare students for the future workplace, building skills like collaboration, communication, critical thinking and systems thinking. The open learning environment gives students the freedom to experiment, encouraging creative self-expression and problem solving.  

What will I learn?  
The course is divided into three sections of topics intended for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. You will:  

  • Learn to Play – from placing your first blocks to classroom build challenges
  • Apply in the Classroom – developing your classroom application to support the new Curriculum for Wales
  • Apply and Enrich – enrich the curriculum with advanced features such as: computer science and coding, chemistry and connect to engineering practices  

How will the course be delivered?  
This Minecraft: Education Edition course will be delivered over 6 weeks, being made up of:

  • 1-hour weekly Learning Live via Team sessions (synchronous twilight session)
  • Self-paced learning via:
    • videos (asynchronous)
    • reading
    • class-based implementation
  • Online Mentor support (as required)

You will be awarded a certificate at each level and then an overarching certificate (Hwb Minecraft Certified Teacher) at the end of the course.

Minecraft: Education Edition Training Requirements:  
Educators will need to make sure they can meet the following requirements to complete the course:

  • Educators are required to participate in all 6 weekly one hour Learning Live workshops
  • Undertake the self-paced learning and classroom application  

Meet the following technical requirements:

  • Your own device [Windows 10 or macOS] on which they have administrator permissions/the ability to install programs
  • The latest version of Minecraft: Education Edition needs to be installed and working on your device(s) before the course commences. (this can be download from education.minecraft.net/download)
  • An allocated Microsoft 365 Licence from your school Digital Champion
  • The latest version of Minecraft: Education Edition needs to be installed on your device. (this can be download from education.minecraft.net/download
  • Classroom Mode needs to be installed. (this can be downloaded from education.minecraft.net/download)
  • An external mouse

When are the sessions?  
The sessions start in the week commencing 01 February 2021. 
You can choose to attend sessions sessions on one of the following days:
Monday 16:15-17:15 
Tuesday 16:15-17:15    
Wednesday 16:15-17:15  
Thursday 16:15-17:15  

Your session will be on the same weekday every week, for weeks.  

Please complete the registration form to reserve your space. Registration will close on Friday 22 January 2021.