Case Study: Dan Evans

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Dan lives near the small village of Bethesda in North Wales and is currently studying a BSc in Computer Information Systems at Bangor University. He is also a Delivery Officer at Technocamps’ Bangor Hub. This year, he has been able to expand his degree programme, by being offered a placement year with Technocamps starting in September.

Dan’s first interaction with computers was in primary school, where he had the opportunity to work on one of the incredibly boxy PCs that were in his classroom. He also had a family computer which was kept either under the stairs, or in a room fondly dubbed ‘The Computer Room’. He always had a great interest in using computers and games consoles, with one of his first portable consoles being a Gameboy Advance SP in red. Little things like this inspired Dan to take the route into Computing. He knew he had a passion for computing and just needed to find his niche…

That’s when Dan first came across Technocamps. He was in Year 7 and had attended a Technocamps workshop at Bangor University, which his grandmother had recommended to him. In the session, he was tasked with building his own computer network. Dan still refers to this as one of the most enjoyable experiences he has ever had, and it further fuelled his drive to enter the computing industry. Little did he know then that two of the Delivery Officers at that workshop, Dr Dave Perkins and Joe Mearman, would one day be two of his colleagues at Technocamps!

Dan’s future career plans are yet to be decided, but he has known for a while that the teaching sector is where he would like to work. The experiences he has had with Technocamps, such as hosting the weekly Technoclub sessions and various other workshops, have provided Dan with lots of skills and knowledge that he can transfer into his future career, as well as into his degree programme.

Technocamps is providing me with the opportunity to teach young people all about Computing; an opportunity I am certainly very grateful for!