Swansea Science Festival is a Big Hit

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Last weekend, we explored innovations and ground-breaking moments through history at Swansea Science Festival.

We worked with BBC Bitesize’s Grace Webb to offer exclusive virtual STEM sessions to pupils across Wales. Participants were taken on a journey through the ages, exploring innovative and ground-breaking moments throughout the history of machines with the help of Grace and her very own motorbike!

We sent out 2,000 resource packs to schools across the country that contained a plethora of different activities to undertake during the event to spark pupils’ interest in innovation and nurture curiosity and engagement with science. These pupils then had the chance to chat about their findings and discoveries with Grace in the workshop.

After the workshops, we offered a limited number of in-person workshops with the Technocamps Delivery Team to extend their engagement and interest in the subject.

Technocamps Assistant Director, Stewart Powell said, “Being able to bring 2,000 pupils from across Wales together for one workshop is a perfect example of incredible innovation. Grace provided a fantastic experience and the pupils were engaged and excited to learn about the science and technology behind history’s inventions. We can’t wait to host even more workshops like this with primary and secondary schools across Wales and be part of the Swansea Science Festival again next year.