Case Study: Sam Chucas

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A few years ago, Sam was a French teacher, but after he started teaching some ICT and got an insight into the world of digital education, he joined Technocamps’ VTCT Technoteach course. He pursued a role in the ICT department and a lot has changed for him since!

The course made him appreciate the different ways computer science can be taught and how much it entails.

The most challenging part of the course for Sam was grasping a new approach to learning and teaching. At first, this was difficult to get used to, and learning new terminology and things not working the way he was used to was frustrating for him. But Technocamps gave him the tools to get there, even if it did sometimes take a while!

Sam’s favourite aspect of the course was getting the chance to problem solve, find new ways of working things out and learning to code (especially coding a robot to tackle obstacles!). He also likes the nature of the subject – that there are often a number of approaches to finding a solution, and that there is not always one correct answer. 

Sam is now the Head of the Digital Technologies Department at Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni and teaches Computer Science, Digital Technology and ICT. He uses the skills he has learned from Technocamps in his teaching, and it has made his day to day life tasks more efficient.

“Diolch yn fawr to all the Technocamps team – especially Luke Clement. I learned so much with you all in Swansea and it’s certainly changed a lot in my life!”