Cyber Careers are ACE

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In partnership with the Uni of South Wales, we are delivering a comprehensive Cyber Careers CPD workshop for careers advisors and teachers across Wales. USW has won the Cyber University of the Year for four years running, is an Academic Centre of Excellence (ACE) in Cyber Education and is home of the National Cyber Security Academy. This CPD is funded by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

The workshop will cover:
– What is Cyber? – the 16 cyber specialisms
– Cyber in Wales – industry and landscape
– Cyber and HE – routes into cyber careers
– Jobs and Earning – Wales-specific job opportunities
– The Cyber First Schools Wales project

Participants will:
– Feel confident in their knowledge of Wales’s cyber landscape
– Have a clear understanding of the different roles the fall under the cyber umbrella
– Be more aware of cyber career opportunities in Wales
– Have a good understanding of the cyber degrees and other HE opportunities in Wales
– Have an awareness of the Cyber First Schools programme

Workshops can be run on-demand for a minimum of 5 staff online or 10 staff at your place of work. All workshops are free of charge and participants will receive resources to keep for future reference.