Technocamps adds TASK to enhance STEM engagement in classrooms


We have joined forces with TASK to enhance our digital upskilling and STEM engagements in classrooms (and beyond!) across Wales.

TASK’s easy, accessible, hands-on experiments are ideal to help us encourage young people to enjoy Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

We were very excited when we were first introduced to TASK. The kit offers context for pupils into STEM subjects that have traditionally been too expensive, or simply not been explored by schoolchildren before.” – Luke Clement, Technocamps Operations Manager

Being able to easily access and experiment with environmental science, with the added personal experience of exploring their own school’s environment and air quality is something that will add excellent context to the learning. It is also an excellent way to encourage school-age children to take an interest in the environment around them and the quality of the air that they breathe every day.

We have already been exploring ideas to develop our own workshop on programming sensors to capture data about the environment, so TASK was an ideal choice. TASK stood out as an excellent talking point to enthuse the children before showing that it is something they can achieve themselves.

Using hardware such as a micro:bit and additional sensors, we are planning to use TASK to teach children how to program sensors to capture data that they can use to explore humidity, CO2, and temperature levels. They will also be able to automate devices to react to the data and maintain desirable levels.

This links into the idea of ‘smart farming’ and how the agricultural world is now using technology to achieve the perfect growing conditions for crops. We are always looking to bring the latest technology and innovations into the classroom in an engaging and age-appropriate way, whether it be how machine learning is helping to make our world and society more efficient, or how robotics can be used in situations that would otherwise put human lives in danger.

With air quality being incredibly topical following the COVID pandemic, highlighting the importance of environmental science and its role in our everyday lives is another excellent addition to our workshop offering for schools.

We are very excited to be collaborating with TASK on our upcoming school workshops and we hope the pupils will enjoy learning about environmental science and take an interest in the quality of air they are breathing every day!

We are delighted to be partnering with Technocamps to make digital upskilling and hands-on STEM learning even more accessible across Wales. Technocamps is paving the way for getting young people and adults engaged in environmental science, computing, coding, and STEM across the country, which is very much in line with our own mission. But there’s strength in numbers – and this collaboration will help break down barriers to entry and make these subjects even more accessible.” – Rebecca Hemming, TASK Business Development Manager