Launching Technocamps Advanced!

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Join us this summer for our FREE Technocamps Advanced workshops tailored for ages 16-19! From mastering Canva to programming a LEGO robot, our workshops are packed with exciting opportunities to expand your digital skills! Whether you have some coding knowledge or just dipping your toes into the digital world, there’s something for all at Technocamps Advanced.

Every Tuesday and Thursday
Starting Tuesday 30th July
10am – 12:30pm

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  • Canva + Website Building
    Discover colour theory and design fundamentals, and create visuals that showcase your unique style. Let’s bring your design ideas to life in this exciting journey of colours, creativity, and Canva magic! Craft your own website without any coding and explore the power of pre-designed customisable templates, allowing you to create visually appealing websites that reflect your unique style.

  • 3D Modelling for Art and Industry
    3D Modelling is everywhere! In movies, factories, and video games. In this session we’ll look at the basics of 3D shapes, learn to model, manipulate, and animate in Blender, and even look at OpenSCAD for 3D Printing and industry.

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
    Learn about the algorithms that give machines the permission to learn. From telling the difference between cats and dogs, to writing (technically) original poems; machine learning does it all. Have you ever wondered how ChatGPT seem so human? How can a computer beat humanity’s greatest gamers? Discover the process of how you train computers to learn by simulating experiences!

  • Robotics with Python
    This hands-on session will introduce you to programming concepts using LEGO robots! Learn and use the python programming language to program basic movements, interactions and sensors to navigate a maze!

These workshops are free thanks to funding support from UK Government & Shared Prosperity Fund.