£3.8M EU Investment in Technocamps to Support Digital Upskilling Across Wales Extended


In 2003, Technocamps was established as a small unit within Swansea University to address issues with the teaching of computing in schools in Wales. 18 years on, and many collaborations later, Technocamps is celebrating another year of EU structural funding from the Welsh Government.

Back in 2018, Technocamps secured £5.3M of both EU funds (via the European Social Fund) and University support to engage secondary school pupils with STEM subjects, a further £1.2M of Welsh Government funding to provide training to primary school pupils, and £1.2M of HEFCW funding to support wider digital engagement within Welsh businesses.

With this funding, the project has successfully engaged young people in Computing and STEM subjects; provided training and professional development to teachers and educators; and worked with local and national organisations to upskill staff and create opportunities to ensure the digital pipeline is generated locally, helping to provide high quality jobs and support the Welsh economy.

To date, the project has attracted tremendous financial support from the Welsh Government. With this investment, Technocamps has supported schools in Wales engaging over 60,000 primary and secondary pupils in over 350 schools and been able to support digital upskilling projects including establishing and delivering five Minecraft Learning Centres.

Technocamps offers free STEM workshops, seminars and activities to primary and secondary schools in Wales, CPD and training courses to teachers of all disciplines and Degree Apprenticeships to business and industry in Wales.

The European funding extension and Welsh Government support will enable Technocamps to continue its work until September 2022.Technocamps Director, Professor Faron Moller said: “We are grateful that the Welsh Government has recognised our expertise and unique ability to inspire the next generation of computer scientists through our work. This funding will enable us to continue digitally upskilling pupils, teachers and businesses in Wales.”