CPD programme to Support New Digital Technology GCSE

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Our new free CPD programme is designed to support secondary school teachers with the delivery of the new Digital Technology GCSE in Wales. The course is entirely free thanks to funding support from the Welsh Government. The short course will run from May-July 2021 and the full course will run from September 2021-July 2022, however there is no pressure to attend every session. Sessions dates and topics are provisional. Sessions will run from 4.15pm – 5.45pm on the dates below:

Summer Term 2021 Outline

The CPD course for this summer term will cover Game Development using Gamemaker, Animation using Adobe Animate, and Web Development using Adobe Dreamweaver.

Unit C – Game Development, Animation and Web Development

BlockTopicLive session dates
1Game Development13th May
2Game Development27th May
3Animation10th June
4Animation24th June
5Web Development8th July
6Web Development15th July

September 2021 – July 2022 Outline

Unit A – Understanding the Digital World

BlockTopicLive session dates
1Analogue & Digital Data and Digital Devices9th September 2021
2The Internet23rd September 2021
3Operating Systems7th October 2021
4Systems Development Cycle21st October 2021

Unit B – The Changing Digital World

BlockTopicLive session dates
5Cloud Services11th November 2021
6Cyber Security25th November 2021
7Changing Digital Technologies9th December 2021
8Digital Communication6th January 2022
9Asset Creation and Media Development20th January 2022

Unit C – Data Analytics, Game Development and Animation

BlockTopicLive session dates
10Interrogating and Analysing Data3rd February 2022
11Game Development17th February 2022
12Game Development10th March 2022
13Animation24th March 2022
14Animation7th April 2022
15Website Development5th March 2022
16Website Development19th March 2022

Unit D – Teaching Digital Practices

BlockTopicLive session dates
17Developing a Delivery Plan9th June 2022
18Teaching Digital Practices – Sample NEA23rd June 2022