Free ‘earn while you learn’ Degree Apprenticeship for employees in Wales

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Degree Apprenticeship

The next intake of our Degree Apprenticeship programme starts in September 2021! Earn a BSc in Applied Software Engineering without leaving employment (or paying a penny).

Our Degree Apprenticeship programme combines traditional academic learning in a University environment with work-based projects that allow you to apply your newly acquired academic knowledge to your role at work. This innovative programme allows you to “earn and learn” – to remain in full-time employment whilst earning a BSc (Hons) degree that contextualises your academic learning in your work-place environment.

Courses are fully funded, with support from the Institute of Coding (IoC) in Wales and the Welsh Government through the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW). The IoC in Wales is a major partnership led by Swansea University, which is a part of the National Institute of Coding based in England. It was established to address the recognised digital skills gap in the workforce and create the next generation of digital specialists. Originally envisaged as a way to help rectify a ‘skills shortage’ in Computer Science within Wales, our Degree Apprenticeship Programme is proving incredibly popular, with Computer Science courses being offered (or in the process of being developed) in all Welsh Higher Education Institutions.

Programmes usually run for one day a week over a period of three years (often over an afternoon/evening) requiring just ½ day release from work each week, with students spending on average 80% of their time with their employer and 20% working towards their degree at University.

I’m really grateful for the programme and all the staff involved. A lot of thought has gone into this programme, and technology and teaching has clearly come a very long way! I never thought i’d ever be accepted to a university and so the opportunity is incredible. Thank you all!” – Cheralyn Nadal, 2021 graduate

The most challenging part of the course was starting. I feared I was going to look foolish, an imposter in a room full of intelligent and qualified teachers. I was totally wrong – yes there were others there who could run rings around me, but I was never made to feel like I should not be there. If you are considering it, I say go for it! You never know where it may lead. Coming across Technocamps has transformed my life.” – Sarah Clarke, 2021 graduate