Technocamps teaches pupils in Blaenau Gwent about 5G


We are working with schools in Blaenau Gwent to teach pupils how 5G connectivity could transform the way we live and work with a new interactive Augmented Reality experience that is being delivered as part of the 5G Wales Unlocked initiative.

Developed by Jam Creative Studios and delivered in schools by Technocamps, the experience allows children to work in teams to unlock 5G connectivity around a virtual 3D town by carrying out fun STEM activities.

Played by small groups on iPads, the activities span some of the many different sectors that 5G connectivity will transform; healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, recycling and transport and will enable children to see a clear change in infrastructure as they walk around and explore in detail the large 3D virtual town environment.

Aimed at children in years 6 and 7, the experience will also help children with their transition from primary to secondary education, as year 7 children will be involved in working with the year 6 children as they carry out their tasks.

Stewart Powell, Technocamps Assistant Director, said, “We are looking forward to delivering workshops to primary schools in the area to educate young people on how 5G works, dispelling myths around 5G and how it will be used as a vehicle to deliver cutting-edge technology across the region in the coming years.”

Adam Martin-Jones, Managing Director of Jam Creative Studios, explained, “We’ve used cloud anchor technology to enable teachers in different schools to place the virtual town into a classroom of their choice. The experience is then anchored to that area so that the children can all walk around it independently and interact with it…”