Fully-funded Degree Apprenticeship in Software Engineering: FAQs

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Our innovative Degree Apprenticeship programme allows you to “earn and learn” – to remain in full-time employment whilst earning a BSc (Hons) degree that contextualises your academic learning in your work-place. The best part? It’s entirely free to you and your employer.

Here’s everything you need to know…

What is a Degree Apprenticeship?
Our Degree Apprenticeship programme combines traditional academic learning in a University environment with work-based projects that allow students to apply their newly acquired academic knowledge to their roles in their companies. Students will graduate from the course with a BSc in Applied Software Engineering.

We work with companies across Wales including but not limited to DVLACGIAdmiral, and Deloitte, as well as a wide range of small to medium businesses to deliver our BSc in Applied Software Engineering. This is a Welsh Government fully-funded Degree Apprenticeship programme that supports companies to upskill new or existing staff members, and ensure workforce skills are current and relevant.

Courses are fully funded, with support from the Institute of Coding (IoC) in Wales and the Welsh Government through the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW). The IoC in Wales is a major partnership led by Swansea University, which is collaborating with the National Institute of Coding, based in England. It was established to address the recognised digital skills gap in the workforce and create the next generation of digital specialists. Originally envisaged as a way to help rectify a ‘skills shortage’ in Computer Science within Wales, our Degree Apprenticeship Programme is proving incredibly popular and, together with short Computer Science courses (digital Skills Bootcamps), developed by IoC in Wales and being offered (or in the process of being developed) in all Welsh Higher Education Institutions, we are addressing this significant digital skills gap.

What are the benefits for employees?
You will have the opportunity to gain a degree, developing new skills and knowledge, whilst remaining in full-time employment. Students will build on and increase confidence in their current skills to gain a qualification and be provided with the opportunity to progress within their company.

What are the benefits for employers?
The degree apprenticeship ensures that employees and employers have the skills for increased competitiveness, equips staff with current and relevant knowledge and increases motivation and commitment to the organisation. It has also proven to boost staff confidence to apply their new skills and knowledge, and develop further soft skills, e.g. presentation and communication skills.

Who is it for?
To be eligible for our degree apprenticeship programme, you will need to be employed in a relevant job either as an existing employee or new hire, for a minimum of 30 hours per week and work at least 51% of the time in Wales. Your employer will need to agree to you enrolling onto the course and releasing you from work for the required time each week.

Do I need a Computing background to start the course?
The short answer is no – we start the course from the basics and no prior programming/computer science knowledge is required. Regarding entry requirements, as a work-based learning programme, we value the experience of applicants as well as formal qualifications such as A-Levels. However, we recognise relevant experience in the case of mature students who do not have adequate A-Levels or equivalent academic results, and this recognition will be made in the case of the majority of applicants to the programme. We look at each applicant on a case by case basis. If you are unsure or think you do not meet the entry requirements, then get in touch and we can discuss your situation.

What will I learn?
The course covers a broad spectrum of content including: Programming and Software Development; Algorithms and Databases; Mobile and Web App Development; AI, Data visualisations, and Computer Security.

How long is the course?
The programme runs for one day a week over a period of three years (Wednesdays, 1pm-8pm) requiring just ½ day release from work each week, with students spending on average 80% of their time at their employer and 20% spent working towards their degree at University.

Year 1 consists of six 15-credit modules which develop the basic theoretical concepts and practical skills underlying Computer Science, along with a 30-credit work-based portfolio module.

Year 2 consists of six 15-credit modules which continue on from Year 1 in developing important intermediate-level theoretical concepts and practical skills underlying Computer Science. There is also once again a 30-credit work-based portfolio module.

Year 3 consists of six 15-credit modules which continue on from Year 2. In place of the work-based learning modules, there is a final year project.

How is the course delivered?
Our next intake is September 2023 and the first academic year runs until June 2024. Lectures take place Swansea University’s Singleton Campus.

Where do I sign up?
If you are an employer or employee in Wales and are interested in this opportunity, get in touch with Technocamps’ Business Liaison Officer, Dr Maria Moller for more information or an informal chat. We are accepting new applicants until early September.