Pigpen micro:bits (Pecyn Gweithgarredd)

Joseph Mearman Pecynnau Gweithgareddau, Gweithgareddau Uwchradd, Pecynnau Gweithgaredd Uwchradd, Lefel Uwchradd

Why use a pen and paper to make Pigpen ciphers when you can use a micro:bit? This activity pack introduces the Pigpen Cipher and how to encrypt and decrypt with it. It will also show you how to use a micro:bit in this process: – Displaying the Symbols – micro:bit Radio Signals What you’ll need: – Access to microbit.org This … Read More

Gêm Fwrdd Robot (Pecyn Gweithgaredd)

Joseph Mearman Pecynnau Gweithgareddau, Gweithgareddau Cynradd, Pecynnau Gweithgaredd Cynradd, Lefel Gynradd

Build your very own robotic board game with a micro:bit whilst learning all about Conditionals! This activity pack introduces conditional statements, how they work and where they are used. These are 3 sections: Conditional Statements micro:bits Board Game You will be learning about how a conditional statement works in computers and everyday life. This activity pack is worth 10 points … Read More