Python - Rhaglennu Gwrthrych-Gyfeiriol

Joseph Mearman Adnoddau ar gyfer Athrawon Uwchradd, Lefel Uwchradd

Python is a clean, readable programming language which is commonly used within education. It is becoming an important element within the Computing and ICT curriculum across the UK. It is easy to learn, but can be used by both novice and experienced programmers, and it’s also very relevant to coding languages used in industry.

CS101: Algorithmau I

Joseph Mearman CS101, Adnoddau ar gyfer Athrawon Uwchradd, Lefel Uwchradd

Mae’r gweithdy hwn yn datblygu gallu myfyrwyr i ddadelfennu prosesau cymhleth trwy ddefnyddio siartiau llif a chyfarwyddiadau cam wrth gam. Yna cymhwysir y sgiliau hyn i ddatrys cwestiwn ar ffurf TGAU Rhifedd ac archwilir enghreifftiau o algorithmau a ddefnyddir yn gyffredin.

Deallusrwydd Artiffisial

Megan Chick Lefel Gynradd, Adnoddau i Athrawon Ysgol Gynradd

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software, and there are many interesting questions around this topic. Can you program a computer to think? This workshop uses a selection of online tools such as chatbots to analyse these questions and to give students an understanding of Artificial Intelligence. Are computers intelligent or not? Looking at online tools … Read More


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Arduino is a small circuit board which allows you to make a computer that can sense and control the physical environment. You can learn about electronics by building your own circuits, and you can program your Arduino to become anything, from a mobile phone to a Geiger counter! Technocamps have developed a wearable computing workshop, where pupils can use an … Read More


Megan Chick Adnoddau ar gyfer Athrawon Uwchradd, Lefel Uwchradd

The Py Shop programme helps students develop the ability to program in Python starting from the basics before covering more advanced topics. Throughout the programme students will develop a complete shop system. Presentation: Cheat Sheet Sports Management System

Systemau Rhif - Sut i

Megan Chick Pecynnau Gweithgareddau, Gweithgareddau Uwchradd, Pecynnau Gweithgaredd Uwchradd, Lefel Uwchradd

This pack includes short “how-to” videos teaching you how to convert between different number systems like binary to hex. This pack is worth 10 points plus what you earn in the quizzes (each quiz is worth 10!). What you’ll need: – Pen and paper – Worksheets (found at the bottom of the relevant tab) Binary to Hexadecimal Hexadecimal to Denary … Read More