Mis Hanes LGBT+: 10 Arloeswr Technoleg Dylanwadol

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This LGBT+ History Month, we’re celebrating computer science pioneers within the LGBT+ community. Peter LandinPeter Landin studied mathematics at Cambridge University, where his insight that computer programs could be based on mathematical logic led to programming languages that could be universally understood by different machines.  He designed the abstract programming language ISWIM and the SECD virtual machine, both of which … Read More

Trawsnewid Addysg Ddigidol yng Nghymru

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We have engaged with 65,000+ pupils across Wales to improve the knowledge gaps in digital education. Over the past 20+ years, interest in, knowledge of, and capacity for computing and digital skills has failed to keep pace with the transformational rise of the digital society and economy. This has led to huge knowledge gaps in digital education, and an increasing … Read More

Modelau Rôl Benywaidd a Technocamps

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It is widely recognised that girls are underrepresented in STEM industries, and Technocamps aims to redress the balance. We offer clubs and seminars exclusively to girls through our GiST Cymru programme. Each workshop is delivered by female engineers and scientists who showcase the opportunities open to Women in STEM. Our WiST (Women in Science and Technology) programme is a network … Read More

10 Arloeswr Du mewn Cyfrifiadureg

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Each October, we honour Black History Month by sharing, celebrating and understanding the impact of Black heritage and culture. Let’s take a look at 10 Black pioneers in Computer Science that have made the industry what it is today.. 1. Katherine JohnsonYou may know of Katherine Johnson from the film Hidden Figures. Her work as a mathematician and “human computer” … Read More

Penderfyniadau, Dilemâu a Thechnolegau Digidol

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[Blog by Delivery Officer Nia John] It has been an interesting academic year, to say the least – school closures, learning from home and self-isolation have become routine. However, that doesn’t mean that everything is different, and for thousands of pupils across Wales, now is the time to be making decisions about their futures by choosing their GCSE and A-Level … Read More

Defnyddio Minecraft i wella cynlluniau cynaliadwyedd Caerdydd

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[Blog by Technocamps Delivery Officer, Laura Choy] Minecraft captures an element of artistic freedom that many other mediums haven’t yet matched. The ability to model a 3-dimensional world with simple tools enables visions and ideas to take form with ease. During my youth, I spent many hours with my peers building elegant constructions and venturing off into the diverse biomes … Read More

TGAU Technoleg Ddigidol Newydd yng Nghymru: (Bron) Popeth y Mae Angen i chi ei Wybod

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The Digital Technology GCSE will be introduced to schools in Wales in September 2021. Here’s (nearly) everything you need to know about it… The inspiration for the course was a 2018 report, launched by Qualification Wales with Technocamps at Swansea University’s Computational Foundry, “ICT Qualifications need Fundamental Reform, say Regulator”. The report concluded a need for a new digital based … Read More

Un Byd, Un Dechnoleg

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[Blog by Susan Monkton, Schools Liaison Officer at our Cardiff Hub] The last 12 months have certainly been an experience. Not only have we experienced a global pandemic, but we have also seen protests, politics and panic buying! We have all discovered the way the world can work if it really has to, and the benefits and challenges that can … Read More

Hwyl rithwir STEM gyda'r Brownies a Guides

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[Blog by Technocamps Schools Liaison Officer, Joanne Ralph] I have been Schools Liaison Officer for Technocamps for the past two years and before that I was a secondary school science teacher. Within both roles I have always strived to engender enthusiasm for STEM subjects in young people, especially girls. My daughter was a Brownie, and every week came home excited … Read More