Gweminar WiST: Cydbwysedd Gwaith/Bywyd

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Technocamps’ WiST events are aimed at women in the technology sector (or with a keen interest in the industry) to learn from other inspirational women and network with like-minded people. All events are entirely free thanks to funding support from the Welsh Government’s European Social Fund. We’re all still trying to find out what works best for us in the … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Becki Bawler

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Becki Bawler has been involved with Technocamps for about 6 years. Having qualified as a French teacher but with a little IT experience and an interest in the subject, she became the IT teacher and used support from Technocamps to run more computing based activities for learners at her school. Becki also attended an Introduction to Python workshop a few years … Read More

Diwrnod Rhyngwladol y Merched 2023

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Technocamps and Institute of Coding in Wales | International Women’s Day 2023 Join us as we celebrate Women in STEM and 20 years of Technocamps on Wednesday 8th March. The annual ITWales International Women’s Day Celebration provides an insight into the diverse range of business and career opportunities for women in the 21st Century. It offers a platform for sharing … Read More

Technocamps yn ennill gwobr STEM fawreddog

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Technocamps has been named Informatics Europe’s 2022 Best Practices in Education Award winner. Technocamps is a Welsh Government-funded STEM outreach programme with hubs in every university across the country. Its main goal is digitally upskilling children and adults in Wales and has now gained International recognition for its innovative educational practices. Organised by Informatics Europe and sponsored by Microsoft, the … Read More

Gweminar WiST: Rhwystrau rhwng y Rhywiau mewn Busnes

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11.45am-1.15pm, Friday 18th November 2022 Women face many internal and external barriers in the workplace, but how to do we combat these? In this lunchtime talk on 18th November, we will welcome Lesley Williams, Community Outreach Director at Welsh Ice, who will discuss the gendered barriers in business. The talk will include gender differences in networking and confidence and explore where … Read More

Cyfle DPP RHAD AC AM DDIM i Athrawon yng Nghymru

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Technocamps is once again offering a fantastic, unique opportunity to teachers and support staff from both primary and secondary schools across Wales starting in Autumn 2022. We are offering this qualification absolutely FREE to teachers and schools. This qualification provides teachers with a wealth of content and pedagogical knowledge to enable and enhance the delivery of the Digital Competence Framework, Computer Science … Read More

Digwyddiad WiST | Cer Amdani: Rhwydweithio 101

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11.45am-1.15pm, Friday 16th September 2022 Networking is something we all know we should be doing but most of us dread, especially in a digital world. But it doesn’t have to be difficult or awkward. We want to help you find out how to network effectively by making it fun, targeted and actually what it should be – a tool to … Read More

Cynhadledd Addysg 2022: Cyfrifiadura ar draws y Cwricwlwm

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We are hosting our 2022 Education Conference in the Stadium on Thursday 1st December! The new Curriculum for Wales is being rolled out and we’re here to help you with any answers, resources and support you need. Talks will cover how you can incorporate computing across the curriculum and will be relevant to both primary and secondary school teachers … Read More

Llwyddiant Academi STEM 2022

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As part of Technocamps’ STEM Academy this Summer, we hosted a whole load of fun activities across Wales to inspire, motivate and engage young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects. Anyone who has ever taken part in our workshops knows that we have a knack of turning complicated science and technology into fun and interesting activities in the classroom! … Read More

Gweithdai STEM rhad ac am ddim ar gyfer Ysgolion Uwchradd

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Our very popular STEM and Computer Science workshops for schools support the digital curriculum and can be adapted based on your school’s needs. Workshops vary in length between 1 hour and half a day. All workshops are fully funded through support from the Welsh Government. Swansea Web Development with DreamweaverThese sessions are aimed at older KS3 and KS4 pupils to … Read More