Astudiaeth Achos: Sarah Clarke

Megan ChickAstudiaeth Achos

During Sarah’s school years, she visited the computer room once a week and often let someone else do the work as she thought it was beyond her ability. Sarah is now a teaching assistant who works with pupils with autism. These pupils are often very smart and great with technology – something that Sarah felt she was not. She would … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Alfie Hopkin

Megan ChickAstudiaeth Achos

At age 14, Alfie Hopkin took part in a Technocamps 2-day iOS app building course alongside some college students. He enjoyed the course and spending time with like-minded people who were able to give him advice on his future. Later that year, he released his first app onto the app store, which kick-started his career in Software Engineering. Alfie competed … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Merlin Warner-Huish

Megan ChickAstudiaeth Achos

At 15 years old, Merlin has started her GCSEs at Olchfa Comprehensive in Swansea. Her chosen subjects at GCSE are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and, of course, Computer Science. Merlin intends to study Computer Science at A-Level and to go on and study either Computer Science or a related subject at University. Merlin has been attending the weekly, after-school Technoclub … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Casey Denner

Megan ChickAstudiaeth Achos

Casey’s route into Computer Science was an unsual one. She was all set to be a French teacher until the course she’d wanted to study at Swansea Uni got cancelled due to lack of interest. Casey decided instead to study Computer Science (on the assumption it was graphics!). After discovering it was not graphics, Casey heard of Technocamps and thought … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Ben Dodd

Joseph MearmanAstudiaeth Achos

It is common to think that once you have a full-time job, your education stops. We believe that learning is a continuous process that you can pursue at any stage of life. We work with a lot of amazing people who have been inspired by their new knowledge of Computer Science and have applied these skills to their everyday lives. … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Robert Harris

Megan ChickAstudiaeth Achos

Robert is a Cardiff University graduate whose career in computer science was inspired by a week-long Technocamps workshop he undertook while in school.  He currently works as an Associate Consultant for global software company Red Hat, having completed their graduate programme.   His work takes him across the world, and he has travelled to places like Prague and Munich during the … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Bryn Bennett

Megan ChickAstudiaeth Achos

Bryn has been a teacher at Bassaleg School for over 15 years and has led the Computer Science team for 5 years. Over 100 pupils take up Computer Science at GCSE level each year. Bryn believes his connection with Technocamps has been vital to the continuation of the subject in school and often links up with the team for training … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Fiona Humphreys

Megan ChickAstudiaeth Achos

Fiona is the Head of Business and an ICT teacher at Ysgol Bro Dinefwr, and she recently undertook our VTCT course. She follows two of her colleagues who have successfully completed the qualification. Fiona had been thrown into the deep end, having to teach Scratch with no prior knowledge, and learn how to think computationally. She also started a weekly code … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Colette Hughes

Megan ChickAstudiaeth Achos

When Colette was deciding on a topic for one of her final assessments as part of her teacher training, she was inspired by a Technocamps workshop in her class a week earlier.  Colette is a Year 5 teacher at Ysgol y Castell in Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, and is completing her NQT year. She chose to use the workshop as a basis for … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Paul Finch

Megan ChickAstudiaeth Achos

Swansea University’s Degree Apprenticeship in Applied Software Engineering adopts a ‘learn and earn’ approach, combining work and study. For Paul, this apprenticeship was a chance to improve his company’s IT systems and develop his digital skills. Throughout the programme, he interacted with fellow students from a wide variety of companies all developing the same digital skill set. In his final year, … Read More