Astudiaeth Achos: Luke Clement

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Our Operations Manager, Luke Clement, has recently completed our Degree Apprenticeship programme at Swansea University. Here, we look at how it has helped him improve his knowledge of computing and progress his career. Luke has been working for Technocamps for 5 years, initially as a Delivery Officer and now as the Operations Manager based at our main hub in Swansea. … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Dave Breeze

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Dave is a Software Developer at Veeqo, an Amazon-owned company based in Swansea. It was through his role at a previous company that he signed up for our fully-funded Degree Apprenticeship programme Dave initially got into computer science purely as a way to solve problems. He was working in an admin job and there were dozens of repetitive tasks being … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Aled-Wyn John

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Aled works within Swansea University‘s Estates department as a systems administrator and has a keen interest in sports. He was first made aware of the Degree Apprenticeship programme through his line manager and jumped at the chance of getting involved. After a short interview and a small test, he was accepted onto the course… Aled had an interest in IT … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Cheralyn Nadal

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Cheralyn is in her second year of studying Applied Software Engineering through our Degree Apprenticeship programme, and she has worked as a web developer for nine years. Cheralyn started coding when she was 14 due to online gaming (!). She left school at 16 with no qualifications and gained her experience through freelancing and self-teaching, and was desperate for an … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Sarah Clarke

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During Sarah’s school years, she visited the computer room once a week and often let someone else do the work as she thought it was beyond her ability. Sarah is now a teaching assistant who works with pupils with autism. These pupils are often very smart and great with technology – something that Sarah felt she was not. She would … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Alfie Hopkin

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At age 14, Alfie Hopkin took part in a Technocamps 2-day iOS app building course alongside some college students. He enjoyed the course and spending time with like-minded people who were able to give him advice on his future. Later that year, he released his first app onto the app store, which kick-started his career in Software Engineering. Alfie competed … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Paul Finch

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Swansea University’s Degree Apprenticeship in Applied Software Engineering adopts a ‘learn and earn’ approach, combining work and study. For Paul, this apprenticeship was a chance to improve his company’s IT systems and develop his digital skills. Throughout the programme, he interacted with fellow students from a wide variety of companies all developing the same digital skill set. In his final year, … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Rhun Llwyd

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When Bryn Tawe School IT teacher Rhun Llwyd booked the Technocamps team in to undertake STEM enrichment workshops with his pupils, little did he know that the sessions would inspire him into a whole new educational journey of his own. The school does run an A Level Computer Science Course, in conjunction with a partner school, but they were keen … Read More