Mis Hanes LGBT+: 10 Arloeswr Technoleg Dylanwadol

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This LGBT+ History Month, we’re celebrating computer science pioneers within the LGBT+ community. Peter LandinPeter Landin studied mathematics at Cambridge University, where his insight that computer programs could be based on mathematical logic led to programming languages that could be universally understood by different machines.  He designed the abstract programming language ISWIM and the SECD virtual machine, both of which … Read More

Cystadleuaeth Game of Codes 2022: Brwydro Newid Hinsawdd

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Our annual coding competition for pupils in Wales is back! This year, we’re asking participants to create a piece of software under the theme Combatting Climate Change. Our Game of Codes competition is an opportunity for pupils to develop their problem solving, communication, and teamwork skills while improving their knowledge of computer programming in a fun and inventive way. The … Read More

Clybiau Codio ôl-Ysgol ar gyfer Disgyblion yng Nghymru

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Our commitment to providing children with the skills they need to develop and grow continues, and we now offer after-school code clubs for children aged 9-16. Technoclub is an opportunity for young people to gain computing experience during live interactive sessions outside of school. The club provides a free weekly session where pupils will learn new Computer Science skills whilst working towards an … Read More

Dathliad Diwrnod Rhyngwladol y Menywod: Ar Gyfer y Merched

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On Tuesday 8th March, we will celebrate ITWales’ 22nd International Women’s Day event. The gala dinner will showcase the work that is being done in Wales to encourage girls into STEM. Join us as we celebrate Women in STEM and our partnerships over the past year. The annual ITWales International Women’s Day Celebration provides an insight into the diverse range … Read More

Gweithgareddau STEM Diwrnod Rhyngwladol y Menywod ar gyfer Merched yng Nghymru

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We are offering free, fun STEM workshops to Year 8 and 9 female pupils across Wales to celebrate International Women’s Day. It is widely recognised that girls are under-represented in STEM industries, and one of the aims of the European-funded Technocamps Operation is to try and redress the balance. Complementing our annual gala celebration of International Women’s Day, we are … Read More

Bwtcamps Sgiliau'r Sefydliad Codio

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Looking to upskill, reskill or retrain? Check out our collection of Skills Bootcamps. Our Skills Bootcamps, in partnership with the Institute of Coding in Wales are entirely free for learners and will help you build your tech skills. We are working across all universities in Wales to deliver these skills both virtually and in-person. Details of courses delivered in Bangor University, Wrexham … Read More

Jam Copr Prifysgol Abertawe 2022

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Calling all sixth forms and colleges! Swansea University is inviting students to take part in a Copper Jam to create their own game designing the Hafod Morfa Copperworks. The University organising a Copper Jam in 2022 to share the 3D models we have created from the Hafod Morfa Copperworks site. The models will be made available to participating schools as … Read More

Paratoi'r Gweithlu at 2030: Sgiliau ac Addysg ar gyfer Roboteg a Systemau Ymreolaethol

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We recently contributed to a University of Sheffield report which explores best practices and recommendations for teaching robotics. The paper covers the importance of reskilling the UK’s workforce, the importance of ensuring people from all backgrounds have these skills and the importance of staying up-to-date with evolving technological advancements. The report recognises the work Technocamps is doing to improve the … Read More

Profiad Gwaith yn y Diwydiant Technoleg ar gyfer Merched 14-16 oed

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We’ve teamed up with Next Tech Girls to offer female pupils three days of virtual work experience in the technology industry. Just 17% of people working in the UK technology industry are women. We’re aiming to address this by providing 14-16 year old girls in Wales with three days of virtual work experience with various companies in the tech industry. … Read More