Cefnogi Dysgu o Bell ar gyfer Dysgwyr Ôl-16

Megan ChickDigwyddiad, Newyddion

As part of the ongoing Welsh Government’s #StaySafeStayLearning initiative, Technocamps is pleased that it has been able to put its experience to good use. The team has been working hard behind the scenes, to develop exciting and enriching opportunities for students in Years 12 and 13, as they begin to prepare for their transition into Higher Education. A variety of … Read More

Mae Technocamps ar gael ar-lein!

Megan ChickNewyddion

Like everyone else during the Covid-19 crisis, Technocamps has had to adapt to a new way of working. As a European and Welsh Government funded project we have been lucky to have the resources to enable us to switch to an online version of ourselves. Now, our new ‘normal’ is almost entirely virtual. At the start of April, we launched … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Fiona Humphreys

Megan ChickAstudiaeth Achos

Fiona is the Head of Business and an ICT teacher at Ysgol Bro Dinefwr, and she recently undertook our VTCT course. She follows two of her colleagues who have successfully completed the qualification. Fiona had been thrown into the deep end, having to teach Scratch with no prior knowledge, and learn how to think computationally. She also started a weekly code … Read More

Astudiaeth Achos: Colette Hughes

Megan ChickAstudiaeth Achos

When Colette was deciding on a topic for one of her final assessments as part of her teacher training, she was inspired by a Technocamps workshop in her class a week earlier.  Colette is a Year 5 teacher at Ysgol y Castell in Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, and is completing her NQT year. She chose to use the workshop as a basis for … Read More

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Astudiaeth Achos: Paul Finch

Megan ChickAstudiaeth Achos

Swansea University’s Degree Apprenticeship in Applied Software Engineering adopts a ‘learn and earn’ approach, combining work and study. For Paul, this apprenticeship was a chance to improve his company’s IT systems and develop his digital skills. Throughout the programme, he interacted with fellow students from a wide variety of companies all developing the same digital skill set. In his final year, … Read More